How long does it take to get our video after purchase and adding all the project details?

Once we receive all needed assets we will put your shoot on the calendar. On average it is a 3.5 weeks to completed product from the scheduled shoot time, depending on the complexity of the project and how busy we are.

How much is it to have a model, or models, in my demo video?

If you need extra models or need models for videos that do not feature a “specific” model or spokesperson like a Product Demonstration Video, for example, it is $200 per model. You can purchase here just select how many you need – –

How many complimentary revision edits do I have per project?

Since our primary goal is to have happy customers that keep coming back, we do not have a set number of edits as long as it it with reason. Some instances we would limit edits are adding new changes that we were not aware of after 1st round of edits etc….

Can I get the raw files (the footage, working files, etc) from my project?

Since the raw data files can be huge “35 plus gigs in most instances”. We charge a file transfer fee $175.00. We can either mail you the files via client supplied hard drive or transfer to a drop box folder as long as file is not to large and does not tie up a computer.

Can we set up a phone conference to discuss details on projects after credits have been purchased?

We are a little unique from other video agencies as we created a custom project management dashboard for you. We have a section for conversations, support, and any questions, we keep all conversation on the dash so nothing slips through the cracks. We understand everyone has a preferred way to communicate, but we strictly keep all collaboration in one centralized spot in your best interest so no conversations go un noticed, and in order to keep the entire collaboration process as simple as possible.

Do you offer agency pricing or volume discounts?

Absolutely! Just contact us ( ) and we can discuss your needs.