How we can Help

How WE Can help

Our Passion Is Crafting Films For Nonprofit Organizations

Our Mission

Our mission is to amplify your message, celebrate your impact, and capture the essence of your organization's dedication to making a positive change. As your partner, we are deeply committed to understanding your unique story and sharing it with the world. As your film ends and the lights come up, not a dry eye remains in the house, with heartfelt emotions viewers are connected deeply to your story and mission. But our journey together doesn't end there.

We will ensure that your film continues to flourish in the digital realm, extending its reach and inspiring countless more lives. So whether we are just creating a single film or a complete fundraising drive, we are there for you every step of the way!

Together, we can create meaningful cinematic experiences that embody your nonprofit's passion and devotion to making the world a better place. 

Gala Videos

The way brands communicate with their customers is changing fast - gone are the days when traditional advertising was an effective way to spend your marketing budget! More and more, social media is where it's at when it comes to increasing your profile and generating business, which is why our Video Funnel Package covers the three key social media platforms: YouTube, Instagram & Facebook to drive traffic to your product page.

We offer several packages to fit your current needs.

Fundraising Videos

In order for your fundraising video to be successful you need to make a human connection. By weaving powerful narratives, we bring your nonprofit's mission to life, capturing hearts and minds alike. The raw emotion stirred within the viewer fuels a desire to contribute and be part of something special. Ignite your fundraising drive, and watch as the power of empathy turns your nonprofit's vision into reality.

Donor Stories

Donor stories are a crucial element in nurturing meaningful relationships between donors and nonprofits. By sharing the inspiring and compelling experiences of individuals who have generously contributed to a cause, you are able to demonstrate the tangible impact of donations on the lives of those in need. These narratives bring to life the transformative power of giving and help donors feel intimately connected to the nonprofit's work, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Crowdfund Videos

We're passionate about crafting emotionally engaging crowdfund videos or even entire campaigns that truly resonate with people's hearts. Our goal is to help viewers understand the struggles of those in need by immersing them in powerful stories and genuine emotions. This approach sparks a personal investment in your cause, inspiring potential donors to step up and make a difference. Let us be your partner in creating compelling visual narratives that move hearts and minds.


We believe photography is a powerful tool for nonprofits, professional photographs help capture those emotional moments that resonate with supporters and help build excitement for your next event or film. So whether you need regular social media content, behind-the-scenes photos, or a photographer for your next event, we have you covered!

Social Content

We can help you shine using social media by leveraging the power of video and photography. Captivating visuals, whether from existing footage or shot just for your social media campaigns tell heartwarming stories and inspire support. Social content helps to boost engagement, sell out events, and increase donations. If you want to strengthen your nonprofit's mission by creating meaningful connections with your audience we can help!


Podcasts are an incredible tool for nonprofits, enabling them to share inspiring stories, build community, and create relatable conversations. Most importantly, these engaging audio experiences help raise funds by inspiring generosity, connecting donors to the cause, and showcasing the profound impact of their contributions.