Introducing Our Newest Video Format The Market Review Video

Market Review Video Sample


What if we could make a video with multiple ”REAL” people bragging about your product to thousands of other folks interested in your brand?

They are actually raving about the benefits and talking about the exact things that make your product great and unique!

They are not actors or even reading from a script.

They are real people who really love your products!

How much more valuable would that be than say.. hiring someone to talk about your product.

Or possibly you in a video talking about how great your brand is?

What about an article or image ad?

You're right, not even close to having real people, not actors rave about how great your product is!

That is why we have created a new VideoTelepathy product,

Introducing the…. Market Review Video!

We actually go out onto the public and share samples of your product to real people on the street.

We then ask them a series of off-camera questions that inspire them to talk about all the best things about your product or brand!

Then we put all the testimonials together in a college and turn it into a great big giant product loveliest based around your product!

We are even going to go out on a limb and make a bold claim that NO OTHER VIDEO FORMAT comes close to gaining a buyers trust and increasing sales and conversions!!!

What is even better is the fact that

You don’t need Actors

No Scripts

And you don't need to be in the video!

And unlike many specialized videos Market Review Videos are super versatile.

You can use them on your home page to help gain trust.

On your product page or Amazon product brand page to help inform viewers about your product

Or use them as a social media ad.

You can even slice them up into segments and create several “mini ads” That is how versatile Market Review Videos are!

Now for some good news and a little bad news.

The good news is we as we are rolling out this new video format to get folks to try and… possibly give us a review.

So we are offering these videos at a large discount.

We will normally be selling these for around $2900 – $3500 “ we haven’t decided on a final price yet”.

But for a short limited time, we will be offering these videos for only $1997.00!!

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That is a HUGE discount!

Now for the bad news….

Because these kind of videos are a LOT of work on our end.

We can only make 4 -5 a month in order to maintain quality control.

So once the first 4 – 5 are sold we will take down the link until next time we have space to do more and gradually up the price each time.

So don’t wait until we are closed out or have a price increase or both!

Get started with the most versatile highly converting video around now!!!


Well that’s about it folks.

As always we look forward to making some amazing videos for you.

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